Organic Eggs vs. Regular Eggs

Eggs are a part of our daily diet. Since we consume so many eggs, shouldn't we know what goes into their production? Have you wondered what the differences are between organic and regular eggs? Here is some helpful information that should answer your questions. 

Differences between Organic and Regular Eggs
Organic Eggs Regular Eggs
Access to outdoors year-round No requirement to have access to outdoors
Housing must provide fresh air, sunlight, space to exercise, clean food, water and bedding Housing is cramped and chickens receive little to no sunlight
100% Organic feed - no GMOs or animal by-products Feed is corn and soy. May contain GMOs and animal by-products
No drugs including hormones and antibiotics Given hormones and antibiotics
Minimal physical alterations Painful physical alterations
Waste matter does not negatively impact environment No rules regarding waste matter disposal
Packaging is free of pesticides Packaging may contain harmful chemicals
Annual inspections Inspection requirements not clear