Top 10 Organic Cereals

We all have fond memories of our favorite cereal. My favorites were Cocoa Crispies and the still popular Frosted Flakes. We grew up with overly sweet cereals with artificial flavors and enjoyed them. So we can’t go straight to eating a box of tasteless oats, bran or whatever else comes to mind when you think organic. But there a lot of delicious organic cereals out there and I’m going to give you my top 10 organic cereals that can be eaten straight out of the box or with milk. I chose the following 10 not just based on taste but also on how healthy they are. Choosing the right cereal is a very easy way to get a good amount of nutrients and energy to start off your day. Another factor was availability. Most of us buy cereal at a grocery store, so I tried to pick brands that are on the store shelf whether it’s at your local store, Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. I’ve included online links below each cereal's review, if you can’t find them at a store near you.

Why Choose Organic?

You choose organic because it is better for your health and for the environment. There are no chemical pesticides used in organic farming and crops are not genetically modified. When buying organic cereal, look for the USDA seal which means that 95 or 100% of the ingredients are certified organic. Don’t fall for terms like “natural” or boxes with pictures of grains or brown packaging which fools you into thinking it’s organic. Those cereals contain GMOs and pesticide treated crops. There’s no restriction on a “natural” label. You’re paying more so you might as well get the real stuff that is certified organic.

Cereal Basics

Let’s start with the nutrition label. First, let’s look at the serving size which many of us don’t pay attention to. Logically, you would think the serving size would be the same for all brands of cereal, but I found that there is no standard serving size for cereal, it varied with the brand. I suspect it’s a clever way for companies to play down the amount of sugar and sodium in the cereal. Also the FDA hasn’t gotten around to regulating and updating the serving size. I've calculated the serving size for all cereals to 55 grams.  55grams = 2oz = 4tbsp = ¼ cup.

I’m sure that you’ll like atleast one of my ten picks. There are many other organic brands out there, so feel free to share your favorite cereal.

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